Our expertise: everything to do with firedamp, methane drainage, explosion protection, mine safety.

Mine safety and explosion protection are important elements in the realisation of projects within the underground coal mining industry.  The demands on ventilation systems for underground workplaces are high.  Special measures are required to cope with the presence of firedamp resulting from the extraction of coal. The main component of firedamp is methane gas which is highly explosive in certain concentrations.

At low levels of gas, it is sufficient to dilute the concentration of methane by means of an increased supply of fresh air to avoid the risk of explosion and to ensure mine safety.  At higher levels of gas, it is necessary to drain the methane. The installation of a methane drainage system or a combination of both procedures is recommended.

We are able to implement both methods thanks to our extensive expertise. Apart from the CFT expert knowledge, this sector benefits from the more than 30 years of experience of our partner Brockhaus Lennetal GmbH.  Methane drainage rates of up to 30,000 m³/h are achievable. We engineer and design the pipework necessary for the extraction together with our partner. The resulting solutions contribute to enhanced mine safety and increased productivity.  These systems can be installed in disused mine workings to extract considerable volumes of methane gas which can then be utilised in combinded heat and power plants - if the methane content is sufficient. With low concentrations the firdamp is burned off.