CFT: comprehensive expertise in mine air cooling with heat exchangers and water cooling machines

Climate control in the form of air cooling is fundamental for numerous applications.  In mining, tunnelling and other civil engineering applications there is often a need to cool the air.  The real challenge is not to “destroy” the excess heat but to transport it elsewhere.

Depending on the application, either decentralised or centralised systems will need to be considered.  Decentralised systems will normally be used for local cooling of a face or district.  Centralised systems are for a complete mine or larger area with a network of pipes connecting the individual system components.

We design and supply complete mine air cooling systems together with WAT Wärme-Austausch-Technik, a company in which CFH holds an equity stake.

CFT’s potential scope of supply for air cooling systems comprises:

Refrigeration Systems underground and on the surface

  • water chillers
  • air coolers with direct evaporators

Air/Water Heat Exchangers for underground

  • air coolers
  • re-coolers

High Pressure/Low Pressure Heat Exchangers for underground

Re-cooling Plants (Cooling Towers, etc)

Special Solutions

Our staff can offer advice in all aspects of refrigeration and climate control in relation to air cooling.

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