Your benefit: our solutions for mine air heating

Often, extreme temperatures can hinder the supply of fresh air considerably.  In mining, local regulations and the climatic conditions at the face commonly necessitate raising the temperature of the air entering the mine via the shaft by way of a heating system.  

The temperature of the incoming air must not drop below 2 degrees Celsius. CFT mine air heating systems do a good job.  The core of the concept is a heating system supplied by our partner Egger Apparatebau.  CFT has the exclusive marketing rights for these system components for the mining and tunnelling industries. Normally our mine air heating systems comprise one or more banks of heating coils together with the appropriate fan stations.  

The energy for the heating coils can be provided by electricity, gas or hot water.  Depending on the application and air flow requirements, the heating systems can be either be designed as local decentralised units or as centralised main mine air heating systems.