References: Tunnel refurbishment – from de-dusting and ventilation to complete system solutions for complex projects

When it comes to the refurbishment of rail and road tunnels, no two projects are the same. However, most projects have one thing in common: the time factor.  Delays and stoppages due to transgressions of exposure limits for diesel fumes and particulates must be avoided.  In this respect, CFT is your perfect partner with proven experience as a flexible and innovative solution provider.

  • Since 2006, we have provided ventilation for more than 100 national and international rail and road tunnel refurbishment projects - some with de-dusting systems.
  • We have an extensive network of specialist service providers to ensure safe and timely implementation.
  • Our ventilation and de-dusting systems are used in tunnels in the national rail network and DB high speed lines as well as regional underground and metro lines in urban areas.
  • We have already provided ventilation for tunnels of up to 10 km in length.
  • With our expert staff, we are able to serve jobs lasting from just a few days to several months duration to operate and maintain the equipment.
  • We always have a wide range equipment available that will meet the specific needs of the project.
  • We monitor and control our ventilation systems using remote data transmission.
  • The ventilation systems are always specified in accordance with the relevant requirements.

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