For your safety: CFT measurement technology

Workplace safety and environmental protection are our highest priority on every project.  We have two options available to us for assessing the quality of the air quickly and accurately:  testing by an independent accredited institute who, if required, can test our dedusting systems prior to delivery or, alternatively, monitoring and measuring of the contaminants with the aid of the CFT measuring kit.

Testing and certification by the DMT testing centre for air pollution

On request we can arrange for our dry dedusters and wet scrubbers to be tested by the German Technical Institute for Coal and Steel (DMT) in Essen, Germany.  The accredited testing laboratories of this independent institute carry out air pollution tests as well as sand and dust tests on large test pieces.  On completion of the tests a certificate is issued as a record for future reference.

Monitoring and measuring contaminants with the CFT measuring kit

The CFT measuring kit offers quick and accurate analysis of the ambient air on site.  We can reliably monitor and record data for you or the authorities, especially on tunnel refurbishment sites.  This can be performed over a longer period of time.

The current measurement data are indicated and stored permanently.  All data can be exported as a report and/or transferred to an external computer for storage and evaluation.

The CFT measuring kit is capable of measuring and recording the following:

  • air speed
  • air flow direction
  • carbon monoxide content
  • carbon dioxide content
  • nitrogen monoxide content
  • nitrogen dioxide content
  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • lower explosion limit for petrol vapours