CFT packages deals: ventilation and dedusting during tunnel refurbishment

Experience has shown that temporary tunnelling sites demand a more comprehensive and detailed level of planning and preparation.   CFT has established itself as provider of bespoke packages offering innovative solutions.  With our expertise in the field of ventilation and with the aid of state-of-the-art technology, we oversee tunnel refurbishment projects in respect of ventilation and dedusting in order to guarantee the compliance with workplace exposure limits for respirable air.  These requirements must be met without causing delays to rail timetables and our ventilation and dedusting equipment must not hinder either the site works or members of the public in the vicinity.

CFT services for ventilation and dedusting during tunnel refurbishment

  • engineering planning, installation, operation and removal of the ventilation and dedusting systems in accordance with site requirements
  • participation in site planning activities
  • support in formal planning and approval processes
  • consultation and coordination with the responsible health and safety personnel including statutory bodies in respect of the planned installation, commissioning and supervision work
  • preliminary logistics works
  • installation, commissioning and supervision of the ventilation and dedusting equipment before and during the site operation
  • planned removal of the installed equipment at the end of the job