Innovative Solutions for Control and Process Optimisation: New CFT Smart Filter Technology sets new standards

The digital revolution is changing our workplace and production processes at an ever-increasing pace. And this applies to all industrial sectors and throughout the world. Those organisations that intend to maintain sustainable profits in the future will use the opportunities provided by intelligent and analysable processes to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

CFT’s Smart Filter Control System helps you in your efforts to take advantage of digitalisation to improve your profitability and process reliability. CFT Smart Filter continuously monitors and analyses the most important data from the equipment. In the event of faults or abnormalities the system displays the relevant information in real time.

CFT Smart Filter is networkable to react directly to operational changes. Repair and maintenance work can be programmed pro-actively, downtime can be minimised and operating and energy consumption reduced. Online and from wherever you want it.


Intuitive HMI with customised display: CFT Smart Filter

Compared with others, the CFT Smart Filter control system has the flexibility to be programmed to precisely suit your specific requirements, including bespoke display visualisation. The HMI has an intuitive lay-out to provide you with an instant overview of all relevant data such as volumetric flowrate, motor speeds, temperatures, dust level limits.


Short reaction times thanks to online control

The CFT Online Control System makes this possible on the basis of five principals:

1. The networking of man and machine

2. Monitoring and recording of all relevant data 

3. Transparency of information via sensor data

4. Technical support with the aid of accumulated and visualised data

5. Simple integration into customer systems with the aid of standard interfaces


The new CFT control system is compatible with all CFT dry and wet dedusting equipment. In addition to stand-alone systems, we also offer online or cloud-based solutions whichever best suits your needs.


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