Dedusting at its best: dry dedusting, wet dedusting, dry cuttings extraction

We are committed to the quality of products in every respect.  Every CFT filtration system – be it a dry deduster, a wet scrubber or a dry cuttings extraction system – can be individually tested by an independent institute to verify and certify its degree of efficiency.

Dry dedusters with the lowest level of residual dust content

CFT dry dedusters tend to be used where the air quality standards are highest – for example on jobs in hard rock.  Levels of residual dust content on the clean gas side of less than 0.05 mg/m³ are achieved - regardless of the dust content on the dirty gas side.  Our product offering also includes a range of filter materials for dealing with special types of dust such as quartz, diesel particulates, asbestos, metallic dust or even for HEPA13.

Our long-lasting dry dedusters guarantee compliance with all valid national and international workplace exposure limits in respect of inhalable and respirable dust. Your benefits at a glance:

  • cleaning efficiency rates greater than 99.99% with durable rigid filter elements
  • optimised air and dust distribution within the filter chamber due to segregation of raw and clean gas channels
  • minimum space requirements due to compact design
  • low maintenance and all from the clean gas side
  • low power consumption thanks to low resistance
  • low compressed air consumption due to efficient cleaning system
  • conformity with ATEX and compliance with EN 16191
  • smart dust discharge systems including patented dust/water mixing units
  • outstanding energy efficiency

Wet scrubbers with guaranteed cleaning efficiencies of up to 99.5%

CFT wet scrubbers have proven their capabilities in dealing with the most challenging conditions for breathable air, for example in coal mining or in operations using sprayed concrete.  They also have a worldwide reputation for reliability in special applications.  Cleaning efficiencies of up to 99.5% are achieved at relatively low investment costs.  Even more convincing, our wet scrubbers can be easily integrated into existing technical systems thanks to their compact design and ensure low operating costs as a result of reduced consumption of resources such as power and water.

CTBA dry cuttings extraction system: “water-free drilling”

Both rotary and percussive drilling machines normally use water to flush out the cuttings during operation.  The disadvantages are well-known:

  • the high water consumption creates muddy floor conditions in the face area
  • the slurry from the drilling leads to increased wear to the drilling machine itself
  • when drilling overhead, the slurry leads to extremely poor working conditions for the operators
  • under some geological conditions the water causes the ground to swell thereby endangering the integrity of the roof support

Sometimes drilling takes place in areas where the climatic conditions prevent the use of water – for example at temperatures below freezing.  For such circumstances and to avoid the above disadvantages, we have developed our powerful dry cuttings extraction systems type CTBA.  The core of this innovative and patented solution is the combination of an efficient rotary piston blower with a compact high-performance dry deduster.  No dust escapes to the atmosphere because the cuttings which are blown out of the hole are immediately captured at the mouth by suction and removed by the filter.  Our dry cuttings extraction systems guarantee almost complete entrainment of the cuttings resulting in significant advantages in terms of workplace health and safety.

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