References: Tunnelling – CFT solutions for all tunnelling methods

CFT systems for de-dusting, ventilation and climate control have proven themselves in tunnel excavation both by means of drill and blast and by mechanical means – e.g. with roadheaders, full-face TBM’s, rippers or cutter attachments. The result: almost 1,500 turnkey de-dusting systems have already been designed, built and delivered.

For tunnel ventilation, we use exclusively fans from Korfmann Lufttechnik – a company in which CFH has a shareholding.  Since 2001, almost 4,000 Korfmann fans have been built for and delivered to the tunnelling industry.  Before CFH became a shareholder in the newly-formed company Korfmann Lufttechnik GmbH in 2001, the predecessor, Maschinenfabrik Korfmann, had already placed more than 30,000 systems in mining and tunnelling applications during a company history of more than 120 years.

In addition to the many projects we have completed for moving and cleaning air, our portfolio also includes numerous successfully completed projects for air heating and cooling systems in the tunnelling industry.  These range from single heating or cooling units with a capacity of up to 3MW each or complete systems with capacities exceeding 30MW.

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