Breathe the innovation: focussing on the Internet of Things (IoT)

CFT is your innovative partner when it comes to ventilation technology.  More than 80 national and international patents are evidence of our commitment to research and development.  And more will follow.  We take on the tasks that every new project brings with a combination of long-standing experience and the sheer pleasure of innovation.  We also carry out extensive trials in the reduction of emissions of hazardous substances such as NOx.  Furthermore, we also work closely together with various universities on a project basis e.g. within the scope of a defined research project.

Innovative solutions for IoT

In the future, our products will need to incorporate and integrate IT technology with manufacturing technology and to offer new innovative solutions.  The focus will be on the availability of information.  For example, by networking all the systems within the value-added process, faults can be identified and energy consumption analysed in real time.

Today, we are already extending our range of product-related services to accommodate the demands of IoT.  The aim is to increase the safety and availability, to improve the user-friendliness and to reduce the maintenance costs of our equipment for our customers.